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Together with LIME and LIME Interim, we are the sparring partner for CFOs and for financial management of organisations in the commercial business sector. As LEMON, we advise on and connect them to the best talent in finance. In addition, we advise on team structure and talent management; identifying, developing and engaging future leaders.

This way we help organisations attract talented financials who are driven to push themselves. Who develop into your future leaders, strive for continuous optimisation and add value across all levels of the organisation.


Our network consists of ambitious financials who are ready for a challenging second or third step in their career. The salary range in which we act ranges from approx. €70k to €100k base salary. This could include positions such as: Head of Finance, (group) Business Controller, (group) Financial Controller, ESG Controller, M&A analyst and Data Analytics & Business Intelligence positions.

These talented financials are assertive, innovative and want to make a true impact. They are well-educated, have a knack for technology and are really adaptive. They make conscious career choices that contribute to their ambitions, and look for an environment in which they are encouraged and facilitated to reach them.

Way of working

Because we work on an exclusive basis, we can give our clients our full commitment. We are proactive, passionate about creating valuable connections and manage the entire process in a personal, sincere and transparent way. We believe, this is crucial to create a solid, long-term partnership.

The market is very challenging, and ambitious financials make conscious choices in these important phases of their career. In order to advise and interest them, it is crucial that we get to know each setting through and through. We want to understand the companies’ DNA, strategy and the challenges they face. Because of our dedicated focus on finance and strong knowledge of the high potential market, we are able to advice and challenge whenever necessary, to ensure the search is feasible in the market. Next to the experience they have to bring, it is important that we know what really makes it interesting for the right financial. We distil what makes the setting unique, which exposure they get, what they can learn and develop in. And it’s our strength that we can get your pitch across to the market in a realistic, appealing and enthusiastic way.

‘What are your ambitions and who do you need to achieve them?’


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