For financial professionals

In the current market where you might be overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities coming your way, making the right choices is more challenging than ever. While in these crucial phases it could determine your future career.

It is our mission to make sure that you get to do what energizes you and contributes to your ambition. In a place where you can grow, learn and laugh. Every single day.

Where will you be doing what?

There are actually three questions you should ask yourself. What do I want to do, where do I want to do it and what is my ultimate ambition? If you want to become a CFO of a large corporation, your career path will be different than if you were to become a Finance Director of a mid-market company or a scale-up. In addition, the setting, the phase of the company and the impact that you can have personally determines what you will really do day to day as the Head of Finance, Financial Controller or Business Controller. Because no position is the same. On top of that, organisations differ enormously when it comes to culture, talent management and way of working. It important to determine which setting suits you personally and stimulates you to reach your full potential.

As you can see, there is no single roadmap and several roads can lead to (your) Rome. We will be happy to brainstorm with you!

What are your ambitions, and how can you get there?


How do we work?

We want to get to know you personally. We are curious about your ambitions, strengths and pitfalls. About the experience you have gained, what you are proud of and what you want to develop going forward. What kind of environment suits you, how do you act in the workplace and what motivates you to reach your ambitions.

1. Coaching

We will help you define your goals, give you insight in how you can achieve those and the different paths you can take to get there. We will be more than happy to talk to you if you are actively looking for a new challenging opportunity, but just as much when you want to brainstorm about your ambition and long-term direction.

2. Community

We frequently host network events to facilitate a relevant finance community of peers where you can connect, inspire and learn from each other. These events can vary from having drinks, sporting events up to inviting inspirational speakers, in the field of leadership and focus.

3. Netwerk

Because of LIME & LEMON’s long history and strong reputation in the market, we have built up an extensive and diverse network of aspiring companies. Every day we work hard to strengthen and expand our network, so that we can put you in touch with organisations that match your ambition and will stimulate your personal and professional development.

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Would you like to brainstorm with us about your future? We are happy to brainstorm with you!