About us

LEMON is partner for financial talents and organisations that want to move forward. With LIME at our side, we are the business partner, coach and advisor for the finance community in the Netherlands: from ambitious top talents (LEMON) to experienced CFOs (LIME). Together, we encourage talent and challenge finance executives to make a real impact. Now and in the future. This is how we enrich careers, empower teams and help organisations get ahead.

The world is changing
People are changing
Needs are changing
Goals are changing

Attracting talented professionals or making the right career choices is more challenging than ever. This requires a talent coaching and recruitment partner that really understands, and who goes the extra mile to identify and encourage talent, and help others realize their ambitions.

We are LEMON, partner of financial talents and companies who want to move forward. And, just like us, believe in the power of creating valuable connections in which everyone’s potential is maximised to grow together.

With LIME by our side, we are able to grow, learn and have fun. And we seize every opportunity to be better, do better and get better. Together. This is how we empower teams and encourage unique talents to achieve more.
Because they are the future. And we make sure they are ready for it.

LEMON empowering the future.



We are honest, open and transparent. We show things as they are and don’t beat around the bush. This provides clarity for everyone and ensures people can trust us.


We are genuinely interested in the people around us and have their best interests at heart. We share our knowledge, experience and network. That’s how we help each other grow and create valuable, long term connections.


We do our work with passion and devotion. Intrinsically motivated, we strive to do what makes us happy every day. Along the way, we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Our team

Working at LEMON

Do you recognize yourself in our DNA and are you curious about what it’s like to work at LEMON? We are happy to tell you more!