Business Controller - Innocent Drinks
What do you do?

There are many things that Innocent Drinks like. Dogs. Holidays. Things that are free. But at the top of the list are fruits and vegetables, and making it easier for people to live well with the goodness and health of fruits and vegetables. One way they can do that is by producing and selling their delicious drinks. They also want to do their part to make a difference where they can. That's why, as part of the Innocent pledge, they promise to give 10% of their profits to charity every year. Due to continued growth, Innocent Drinks is looking for a motivated Business Controller who can tell the story behind the numbers.

In this newly created position, you will report to Valou Jehae (Finance Lead) and work closely with both the local and international Finance and Finance Supply Chain teams. You will play a key role in being the specialist in understanding, forecasting and explaining manufacturing costs. Stakeholder management is a very important aspect of the role, considering the fact that you will collaborate with the leadership team to enhance the visibility of financial performance and key business metrics (such as costs per product, variance analysis and cost control). On top of that, you will also be responsible for performing the periodic reconciliations as well as the month and year-end closings to ensure the integrity of financials.

Furthermore, you are jointly responsible for the monthly forecast. You must also be able to translate the financial results into understandable storylines and concrete actions. During your business reviews with the team you will discuss the cost analysis and provide insight into the results. You will be responsible for managing and steering on the PR/PO/GR processes (procedures related to procurement documentation and purchases), including the implementation of overall improvements. You will communicate continuously with internal stakeholders (Finance, Operations and Finance Supply Chain) to ensure that day-to-day operations are well accounted for.

Good to know

Having broad exposure and insights into the business and operations, the leadership team will rely on you for several ad hoc analyses, such as manufacturing costs and performance analysis. Thus, on the one hand, you will have a focus on the cost side, such as pre- and post-calculations of the products. On the other hand, you will do variance analysis to, for instance, measure new business opportunities or how to get subsidies regarding the focus on sustainability. As last, you will be the specialist to link operational performance to financial results, with detailed knowledge on blender operations.

Who are you?

No day is the same at Innocent Drinks, so it is essential that you are a strong person with the ability to balance procedures with the needs of the business. You like challenges and dynamics, have confidence in your own ability to master new things and dare to take ownership. Both within and outside your team you are focused on establishing connections, building trust and promoting mutual understanding within the organization. Innocent Drinks is a dynamic company with a start-up vibe, it is important to be flexible in an environment which is constantly changing.

“At Innocent Drinks you are literally in the middle of the business! At the beautiful and innovative plant site on the Maasvlakte you can see how ''the blender'' makes the juices whereafter they are bottled to finally end up on the shelves of one of the retailers.  In all ways, you will provide connection, mutual cooperation, insight and understanding. To do this well, you really need to be able to build relationships, put yourself in another person's shoes and adjust your communication style as needed. Above all, you are a team player with a sense of humor, who takes ownership and is eager to help continuously drive the business forward.’’  

  • Completed Bachelor/Master's degree in Finance or Business Economics
  • 3-5 years of work experience as (Cost) Controller
  • Experience in a production environment, FMCG or agri is a plus
  • Experience with cost control is preferred
  • You are good at setting priorities and have a strong level of time management
  • Strong analytical skills, ''can do mentality'' and a strong affinity with both Finance and business operations
  • Communicative skills, proactive and have an entrepreneurial mindset  
  • Proficient in Dutch and English
  • Hybrid working is possible

More about Innocent Drinks

It all started in 1999, with a desire to help people take good care of themselves. Innocent Drinks is a company that makes small drinks and jokes that aren't always funny, but we have big dreams. innocent began with a simple mission: to make drinks that make it easy to do yourself right. In 1999, they made a few smoothies in their own kitchen and tested it out on people at a music festival.

Since then, their dreams have grown even bigger. Today they blend every kind of fruit and vegetable under the sun and sell drinks all over Europe in more than 30 different countries. The company is fully owned by Coca-Cola and has its HQ in London and a big factory site in the Netherlands on the Maasvlakte. With a total FTE of 1200, whereas 300 are working in the Netherlands, Innocent Drinks generates a revenue of more than €500 mln globally. The Blender in the Netherlands has more than €70 million revenue and is considered to be a start-up company within a mature organization.

Innocent continues to make healthy drinks for people while caring for their communities and protecting the environment. Their range has grown and innocent now sells juice, kids' drinks, coconut water and bubbles (a healthy drink in a can) with much more innovation to come.

That's why they are B Corp certified, donate 10% of their profits each year to charities and work to reduce their carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

+31 6 27 26 34 57