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What do you do?

Talentmark NL is part of Talentmark Group, the leading international Life Science focused recruitment services provider. Talentmark Group has the ambition to triple its turnover in 3 years (from €60M to €200M). Talentmark NL is now ready to welcome a people-minded and entrepreneurial Finance Manager who will guide the team and processes toward becoming the strong finance backbone able to accommodate further growth.

Talentmark NL currently consists of 4 companies, in Hoofddorp, Maarssen, and Leiden, and Madison People International. As the Finance Manager, you report directly to the Company Business Leaders (for finance operations) and indirectly to the Group CFO. You have a direct line of communication with the Group Board (CEO and CFO) and work in tandem with the Group Controller. You manage, coordinate, and review the finance team of 4 colleagues (2.8FTE). You know how to connect with your team (both on individual and team level) and how to motivate them to reach their full potential. While managing the bigger picture, you don’t shy away from getting into the (technical) details yourself.

The first focus of the role is building a strong and scalable finance foundation. This requires a thorough understanding of accounting, financial, and internal processes. Because 80% of Talentmark NL’s revenue is due to contracting, the first priority is to establish a sound invoicing and payrolling structure. From there on, you review and build up all the financial processes, from GL and VAT to periodic closings and annual accounts. Together with the Group Controller, you make sure the actuals are in line with the Group requirements. Once the foundation is set up and handled well by your team, you continue setting up and embedding business control within the organization. This ranges from setting up a (rolling) forecast and professionalizing the budgeting process to being part of the period business reviews. You act as the financial business partner for the Company Business Leaders. Together, you determine the key business drivers and analyze the variances. For example, trends and insights in the margin (per functional specialism/recruitment form/client), hourly rates, and cost developments. You challenge the Company Business Leaders to explain the past and to uncover the true reason behind the business performance. This way, you create foresight for the business. To do this, you have to get into the details when necessary, while maintaining focus on the bigger picture. Together with the Business leaders, you present the financials and analyses to the Group Board on a monthly basis (working side by side with the Group Controller) and proactively advise on strategic decision-making.

Good to know

As a Group, Talentmark wants to grow organically and through acquisition. Business is supported in quest for organic growth by focusing on (new) growth opportunities and by taking away (financial) limitations. By implementing Vincere as an ATS & CRM system and Exact Globe as financial system, Talentmark has set the foundation for acquisitive growth as well. Your scope as Finance Manager can be broadened, for example by taking on the financial responsibility for newly acquired companies in or outside the Netherlands.

Who are you?

Your strong communication skills allow you to convert complexity into digestible information for stakeholders, in and outside of finance. Taking ownership comes naturally to you, as is your ability to keep a positive mindset. This keeps you going through setbacks and results in drive and passion that you pass on to your team. Being a true manager, you can shape a team by creating a clear division of responsibilities within the team. You are humble and are motivated to put others in their strength, while you enjoy being hands-on yourself.

We are looking for a person that has the potential to grow to a Finance Director (Talentmark NL) role, which would expand the responsibility to e.g. finance operations of newly acquired businesses and/or operations support. We are a growing company – both organically as well as through acquisitions, but we first need to get the basics right. The first priority therefore is to steady the Dutch finance team, by optimising the financial processes and the team. The first few months will require a very hands-on approach. In particular, we are looking for a Finance Manager who truly wants to understand the business and processes. A proactive financial who is always looking for continuous improvement in the processes and who has the ability to shape a stable, sustainable and future-ready finance team. A Finance Manager who gets the job done!”

  • Bachelor/Master's degree in Finance, (Business) Economics, or Accountancy
  • 5+ years of experience as a (Financial) Controller, Finance Manager, or in Accountancy
  • Experience in managing (small) teams is a strong plus
  • Good insight into financial accounting and reporting processes (Dutch GAAP), combined with business sense
  • Strong affinity with IT and financial tooling; strong Excel and Exact skills
  • Excellent communication skills. Fluent verbal and written communication skills in Dutch.
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to quickly form working relationships and gain credibility. A clear, to-the-point communicator with a practical, no-nonsense mentality.

More about Talentmark

Talentmark offers the full spectrum of recruitment solutions for Life Sciences. This ranges from the rapid response necessary to solve an immediate problem to the meticulous and discreet search for valuable executive talent.

Growth mindset
The innovation driver cannot be underestimated in life sciences, nor the challenges of fast growth and complexity that are part of the journey. Continuous innovation requires a growth mindset and at Talentmark this is hard-wired into the DNA. This means that Talentmark can deliver creative solutions to ensure the recruitment and retention of the very best people at all levels as a business evolves.

Passionate about
Life Sciences Talentmarks purpose-led approach means that they are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes to thrive and grow. For an emerging company developing a new drug or device, putting in place finding the right the right life science professional, from operator up too CEO, to help our their clients grow. Talentmark offers the personal touch you would expect from a small company, with the international reach of a larger one for maximum effectiveness.

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